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Upcoming Events

No upcoming events at the moment


RDJ Publishing as a member of the RDJ Group helps to create public awareness.

This is done through various avenues (events) structured through:

  • Thought Leadership

  • General Awareness Raising

  • Celebration Events

  • Media Interaction

Thought Leadership Events

Thought Leadership Events are designed to help create an atmosphere of social justice that fosters the voices of both genders in a mutual space.

Wherever possible, these events are set as a public facing one which opens up the matter to all and gives an equal platform for discourse.


Awareness Raising

As a responsible publicist RDJ Publishing seeks to provide platforms where facts and information can be exchanged and debated

DJ Copy of RDJ Briefing - January  2023.jpg


In collaboration with our Group member, RDJ Consulting Services CC, celebration of various activities such as completion of internships are planned and celebrated.

This allows career advice to be reinforced through talks and exhibitions.

Copy of RDJ Briefing - September 2021_edited.jpg
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